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We are taking VA benefits to a new level with industry-leading government mortgage loans, the best possible rates, and top of the line customer service


ZERO Money Down

No money down and No mortgage insurance required


VA Experienced Loan Officers

Our VA Home loan experts ensure every veteran receives 100% of the financial assistance and fee exemptions they qualify for.


Fast Financing

Get qualified, get approved, and get a home in under 30 days!

VA Home Loans Benefits

0% Down (for qualified borrowers)

VA Loans are among the last 0% down home loans accessible available today.


Since VA Home Loans are government-supported, banks don’t expect you to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance.

Competitive Interest Rates

The VA insurance gives banks a more noteworthy level of wellbeing and adaptability, which commonly implies a more competitive rate than non-VA loans.

Easier to Qualify

Since the loan is sponsored by the government, banks accept less hazard and have less stringent capability models for VA Loans, making them simpler to acquire.

VA Home Loans Benefits

Guidelines and Fees

Although the VA Home Loan is a bureaucratic program, the government, by and large, don’t make direct loans to veterans. Rather, private moneylenders including Veterans United Home Loans account for the loan while the Department of Veterans Affairs offers insurance.

This insurance, which secures the moneylender against all-out misfortune should the purchaser default, gives motivation to private banks to offer loans with better terms.

Loan Limits

Qualified veterans with their full VA home loan privilege can acquire as much as a bank is eager to expand, all without an initial installment. The VA loan restrains just become an integral factor for purchasers with not exactly their full qualification, either because they have at least one dynamic VA loans or because they’ve lost a past one to abandonment. To perceive how the VA loans cutoff points may influence you, call us at 1-888-834-5005.

Financing Fees

The VA Funding Fee goes straightforwardly to the VA to guarantee the program continues running for people in the future of Veteran and military homebuyers by evacuating any extra weights off citizens and veterans. The charge shifts relying upon the borrower’s conditions and don’t make a difference for veterans with service associated incapacities.